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The Truth Behind William and Kate’s Delayed Family Planning

Posted on: August 25th, 2012 by Lia No Comments

It’s always been traditional for newly married royal couples to pop out a royal heir as soon as possible, however Will and Kate seem to be taking their time. The most obvious reason is that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge don’t want to upstage the Queen in her Jubilee year, but there may be another, less obvious reason. It’s been all over the news that the British Prime Minister David Cameron has changed the law to allow a first-born female child the right to succeed to the throne. However, due to the United Kingdom’s long history with the British Empire, and with many of the Commonwealth states recognizing the Queen as their sovereign, it may not be as simple as that. At the moment, an obscure committee of civil servants and lawyers in New Zealand are trying to rewrite the laws of succession to the British throne.While countries like Canada, New Zealand and Australia, amongst the rest of the Commonwealth countries, happily agreed to the new law, it’s now up to the New Zealand based committee to put it into practice. There are few creases to iron out first before the royal couple feel comfortable to have a baby.


 At the moment the committee are still under discussion and need each one of the sixteen members of the Commonwealth realms to find the time to get the law into their statute book. Until then, the future of the royal first-born is uncertain.  No matter the law, this rule will be retrospective, so hypothetically the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could have a child now and then let the committee sort out the rules of succession later. There is one possible hic-up though – What if Will and Kate have twins? For twins of the same sex this wouldn’t be an issue, but what about in the case of having a baby boy and girl?Under the old law, the younger brother of the twins would be entitled to the throne, where if the law would change then this would fall to the older sister. This could complicate things for the succession of the British throne.            And the possibility for twins is highly likely – with both sides of the family having twins in the family. So this is not something to be ignored lightly.  If the royal couple are waiting for the Commonwealth realms and Parliament to pass the new law, they’ll be in for a long wait, that’s for sure.

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