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Royal Family’s Domestic Bliss? Kate Middleton Loves Cooking for her Husband!

Posted on: August 11th, 2012 by Lia No Comments


When we try to imagine the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in their free time, we conjure up images of the Royal Couple in banquet halls lined with chandeliers or fancy restaurants in London’s more elegant and fashionable areas.However, Kate Middleton reveals that her perfect evening involves a night in when she gets to cook for her husband, Prince William. The English Rose prefers to forgo a night on the town in favor of playing housewife – she loves working in the kitchen.

 While to many, this past time perhaps seems dull, but the royal couple love it and just enjoy their time at home together. They’ve grown out of the party scene and prefer each other’s company over some good, home cooked food. One of Kate’s friends spotted the Duchess walking home on the King’s Road carrying a chicken in a shopping bag for their supper. Kate looked very happy indeed, saying it’s one of their favorites. For the first time ever there is happiness in the Royal Family. While the whole world knows of Will and Kate’s marital bliss, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are also genuinely happy. Prince William is content with his family life, not only seeing his father happy but also having the lovely Kate to spend the rest of the future with. After all the heartache and drama that’s been going in the House of Windsor in the past few decades, it’s about time that our princes and princesses get their happily ever after.

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